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4 boys. 8 Hot dogs. 6 corndogs. 2 liters of dnL.

March 23rd, 2003. After a day of reading magazines and going to get burritos and grocery shopping, it was declared that there was to be a hot dog party that night.
The party goers were, from left to right, Nathan, Lucas, Eben and Ethan. Marfa the cat was also there, thankfully, keeping this a regular hot dog party, rather than a sausage-hot dog party. Pew! Here are the pics to prove what a party this really was.

There was also a picture of all four of our hands reaching for the last corndog, but it didn't come out and the corndog, as of 5 hours later, still sits on the plate. so who cares. UPDATE: 3-24-03; Reinactment photo found!

Also, the corndog ceases to be as of 3-24-03.

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updated for the first and probably last time, 3-23-03

I lied, last updated 3-24-03.